Corporate Social Responsibility

KFIL being responsible corporate citizen, is committed to contribute to the society. KFIL has taken Health, Hygiene & Education as focus area for improvements in the neighbouring villages. KFIL have established KFIL Rural Development Trust to discharge its social responsibility commitment.


KFIL has setup a Health Centre in the neighbouring village & organizes visits of specialist Doctors on every week, supply of Medicines, organization of Health Camps like General Health, Eye camps & various Health awareness programmes.

Health Centre- Bevinahalli
Doctors Visiting the Village Health Centre- Bevinahalli
Doctors Visiting the Village Health Centre- Bevinahalli


Under the CSR Initiative, to improve the Hygiene KFIL has undertaken, supply of drinking water, construction of drainages & Toilets in the neighbouring villages.

Tolilet Block
  • Construction of Toilet Block to each house at Bevinahalli village. 100 No completed.
  • Our Goal is to provide Toilet block each house @ Bevinhalli. During 2011-12 we have completed 100 nos
Drinking water to Bevinahalli village
  • Drinking water to Bevinahalli village
  • To cater to the demand of dirking water providing additional drinking water to Bevinahalli village by installing new Bore well, pipe line, Motors etc.
Drinking water to Bevinahalli village Construction of Drain at Bevinahalli village road connecting road to Gingera. ( 260 Mtr)
  • This project is to improve the hygiene of the village, nearly 100 houses got the benefit of drainage.


Under the Education program KFIL is supporting Primary & Secondary Education to educate the children in the neighboring villages. KFIL has also organized Vocational courses to benefit the rural youth.

Basic computer coaching
  • Basic computer coaching for Bevinahalli students was extended in a coordination with M/s. Kenocis Computer Institute Koppal.
  • The Training period was 45 days and covering 60 students.
Srinivas Ram Morarka School Hitnal Financial Assistance to Srinivas Ram Morarka School Hitnal
  • Hitnal is located under Bevnihalli Panchayat. This is a High school education for 8th, 9th & 10th standard. There are 300 to 350 students studying .
Women Empowerment
We have set up tailoring coaching centre at Bevinhalli by installing sewing machine backed by two experienced tailoring teachers, under this scheme, trained 1st batch of 20 women for self employment.
Srinivas Ram Morarka School Hitnal

Other Initiatives

  • Scholarship awards to meritorious students of employees.
  • Children studying in Diploma & Professional courses.
  • Renovation of class rooms at Bevinahalli School
  • Honorarium to 2 school teachers at Bevinahalli village.
  • Provided electrical wiring for all class rooms at Bevinahalli School.
  • Provided a labour for cleaning the school premises at Bevinahalli School.